Why Use Staining Systems


The neutralization of banknotes using ink appears as a different strategy for
protection, thus moving away from the usual concept of physical security,
leading to the path of electronic security. This will avoid the use of heavy and
expensive systems that will not always protects against the most aggressive
attempts of assault, paving the way for lighter systems that are less expensive
and whose capacity exceeds the previous response.

This type of solution provides efficient protection against current techniques
of physical attacks to AT Ms, irreversibly marking the banknotes with a
coloured and indelible ink that will leave a solid trail behind those who try to
transact stolen cash and at the same time feeding the criminal investigations
in search of those responsible. This will provide a huge deterrent to AT M


· Effective protection against current attack techniques
· Available for all AT M machines
· High crime deterrent
· Excellent vehicle for criminal investigation
· Banknotes unattractive for criminals
· Easy deployment and management
· Effective reduction in the number of attacks
· No impact on the operational use
· Good acceptance by the Central Banks

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Type of Attacks

Systems through neutralization of ink notes have been gaining
their market share because they respond more efficiently to a
variety of attacks.

At present, AT M machines takes an increasingly important role in everyday’s
life. The variety of services offered by the diverse AT M networks attracts more
customers every day, leading to a continuous growth in the field in a search
of a greater proximity with the end-user. The high number of AT M equipment,
its geographic spread and the high amounts of cash stored in each machine
constitute a large risk exposure.

AT M machines are currently one of the most attractive targets for attack
trough several methods and techniques, some of which are of great simplicity
and effectiveness. For a long time the strategy for the protection of AT M
machines was based on the use of physical protection measures, including
the use of more resistant safes, anchoring, timing systems and alarms,
among others. However, these proved to be ineffective against the latest
attack techniques that often use backhoes, forklifts, lace, explosives and gas
among others.

These new techniques of attack, widely publicized by the media and of
increasingly general public’s knowledge, makes the all network of equipment
highly vulnerable, regardless of their location and level of existing security
The increasing criminal activity and associated costs makes imperative
the adoption of solutions by operators to reverse this trend and to increase
protection to discourage the practice of this type of attack.

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is easily recovered

The investment in banknotes neutralization systems is easily recovered by:

tangible costs

· Value of the stolen banknotes
· Replacement cost of damage equipment
· Cost with collateral damages
· Increase in insurance premiums

Intangible costs

· Costs related to service interruption
· Credibility
· Business image
· No motivation for further attacks

The installation of these protective measures in various countries
demonstrates the effectiveness of these systems in a measurable reduction in
the number of attacks, allowing for an effective reduction of the overall costs.
The easy deployment of these systems and the low impact on network
management enable a rapid implementation that will provide almost
immediate results.The banknote neutralization systems reduce the need for
further investments in other physical protection measures, ensuring effective
protection against the current attack techniques.The SMARTSTA IN system
is scalable, fully adaptable to new situations and therefore will protect the
investment of its Customers..

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Secure and Intuitive

and intuitive procedure

The whole SMARTSTAIN operating system concept was designed for easy, safe and intuitive use by the various parties involved in the process.The interaction with the SMARTSTAIN system can be accomplished through a management console, laptop or through the ATM integrated system.Both have a graphical user interface with intuitive touch screen technology and is easy to navigate.All operating system was conceived with the idea of minimizing human error, having access control system to their ATM cassetes to prevent tampering.

The system also has an overall log of events, either in their own cassettes or at the ATM level, which allows it to be consulted locally and remotely. This capability is essential to have complete control over the procedures performed.

The SMARTSTAIN system is easily adaptable to different concepts, procedures and specific requirements of each market. It allows the implementation of the end-to-end concept, ensuring effective protection at all operating stages from the cash center, transportation, transport in the pavement and cash replenishment at the ATM.


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End-to-end Concept

Full protection at all times of risk in
the transportation of values

The installation of the SMARTSTA IN in AT Ms not only ensures their physical
protection against attacks, but can also ensure the safety of all entities and
individuals involved in operational maintenance and cash replenishment,
because it allows the AT M to be fully integrated at all the times in the end-toend
process – the protection of values throughout the transport and AT M cash
replenishment by the CIT (Cash In Transit) companies.

Throughout this process the system guarantees the protection of banknotes
against any attempt of theft, on the road, pavement, replenishment and
while inside the AT M. The system does not allow any human contact with the
banknotes, even the employees of CIT, thus ensuring a safe cycle.
The SMARTSTA IN system provides this capability in its standard version and
can be configured for any type of procedure according to the characteristics
of each CIT whilst preserving customer’s investments.All parties involved
can benefit from all the capabilities that the solution provides, simplifying
procedures and ensuring safety standards and high accountability at all stages.



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