Concepto de extremo a extremo

End-to-end Concept

Full protection at all times of risk in
the transportation of values

The installation of the SMARTSTA IN in AT Ms not only ensures their physical
protection against attacks, but can also ensure the safety of all entities and
individuals involved in operational maintenance and cash replenishment,
because it allows the AT M to be fully integrated at all the times in the end-toend
process – the protection of values throughout the transport and AT M cash
replenishment by the CIT (Cash In Transit) companies.

Throughout this process the system guarantees the protection of banknotes
against any attempt of theft, on the road, pavement, replenishment and
while inside the AT M. The system does not allow any human contact with the
banknotes, even the employees of CIT, thus ensuring a safe cycle.
The SMARTSTA IN system provides this capability in its standard version and
can be configured for any type of procedure according to the characteristics
of each CIT whilst preserving customer’s investments.All parties involved
can benefit from all the capabilities that the solution provides, simplifying
procedures and ensuring safety standards and high accountability at all stages.