Tipo de Ataques

Type of Attacks

Systems through neutralization of ink notes have been gaining
their market share because they respond more efficiently to a
variety of attacks.

At present, AT M machines takes an increasingly important role in everyday’s
life. The variety of services offered by the diverse AT M networks attracts more
customers every day, leading to a continuous growth in the field in a search
of a greater proximity with the end-user. The high number of AT M equipment,
its geographic spread and the high amounts of cash stored in each machine
constitute a large risk exposure.

AT M machines are currently one of the most attractive targets for attack
trough several methods and techniques, some of which are of great simplicity
and effectiveness. For a long time the strategy for the protection of AT M
machines was based on the use of physical protection measures, including
the use of more resistant safes, anchoring, timing systems and alarms,
among others. However, these proved to be ineffective against the latest
attack techniques that often use backhoes, forklifts, lace, explosives and gas
among others.

These new techniques of attack, widely publicized by the media and of
increasingly general public’s knowledge, makes the all network of equipment
highly vulnerable, regardless of their location and level of existing security
The increasing criminal activity and associated costs makes imperative
the adoption of solutions by operators to reverse this trend and to increase
protection to discourage the practice of this type of attack.