Investimento facilmente recuperado


is easily recovered

The investment in banknotes neutralization systems is easily recovered by:

tangible costs

· Value of the stolen banknotes
· Replacement cost of damage equipment
· Cost with collateral damages
· Increase in insurance premiums

Intangible costs

· Costs related to service interruption
· Credibility
· Business image
· No motivation for further attacks

The installation of these protective measures in various countries
demonstrates the effectiveness of these systems in a measurable reduction in
the number of attacks, allowing for an effective reduction of the overall costs.
The easy deployment of these systems and the low impact on network
management enable a rapid implementation that will provide almost
immediate results.The banknote neutralization systems reduce the need for
further investments in other physical protection measures, ensuring effective
protection against the current attack techniques.The SMARTSTA IN system
is scalable, fully adaptable to new situations and therefore will protect the
investment of its Customers..