Procedimento seguro e intuitivo

Secure and Intuitive

and intuitive procedure

The whole SMARTSTAIN operating system concept was designed for easy, safe and intuitive use by the various parties involved in the process.The interaction with the SMARTSTAIN system can be accomplished through a management console, laptop or through the ATM integrated system.Both have a graphical user interface with intuitive touch screen technology and is easy to navigate.All operating system was conceived with the idea of minimizing human error, having access control system to their ATM cassetes to prevent tampering.

The system also has an overall log of events, either in their own cassettes or at the ATM level, which allows it to be consulted locally and remotely. This capability is essential to have complete control over the procedures performed.

The SMARTSTAIN system is easily adaptable to different concepts, procedures and specific requirements of each market. It allows the implementation of the end-to-end concept, ensuring effective protection at all operating stages from the cash center, transportation, transport in the pavement and cash replenishment at the ATM.